About Travisa

Travisa has been a trusted name in the travel document business, since 1981. Travisa Passport and Visa Service assists individuals, travel agents and corporate travel departments to expedite passports and visas. Travisa Online processes visa support documents, (such as registrations and invitations, when required), and evisas, ETAs, ESTAs and other online applications for those countries that do not require a physical visa stamped inside the passport.

Our Global network includes 12 international processing centers (with headquarters located in Washington DC, Ottawa and London), which allows worldwide coverage across North America and in Europe. Our Travisa Online Service provides global online support and processing for all applicants worldwide.

The Travisa Commitment

Travisa is known for our state-of-the-art technology, and our exceptional customer service. While we do not have complete control of the actions and decisions of the embassies, consulates and other officials involved in the issuing process, we completely stand behind all actions over which we do have control.

We consistently meet or exceed these goals and will do our very best to meet or exceed them for you.

Travisa is a private company authorized by the Consulate to assist travelers; Travisa is not a government agency. It is also possible to apply in person at the Consulate for the cost of government fees only. Travisa charges a service fee for expert advice, review of applications and expedited processing.

Travisa Locations

Washington Chicago San Francisco New York
Houston Miami Los Angeles Atlanta
Boston Ottawa Toronto London

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